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A Few Essential Facts Related To Prostate Anatomy

When it comes to  prostate anatomy the first thing you will need to be aware of is that the prostate is a tiny organ that is no bigger in size than a small chestnut and which sits in front a that small bucket called the bladder that in turn is located inside of the stomach. Another part of the body’s anatomy is the urethra that is a tube running from the bucket’s lower side and which runs into the middle of your prostate.

Location Of The Prostate

The bladder holds your urine and when your bladder muscles relax you will need to urinate. However, this relaxation also causes the urine to rush into your urethra that runs through your prostate before being expelled from the penis. Therefore it is necessary that you also understand prostate anatomy in order to know where the prostate is located.

The prostate in fact is located both in front of as well as beneath the bladder and it wraps it around your urethra. By understanding this aspect of prostate anatomy you will be able to understand how problems with your prostate such as enlargement, inflammation as well as infection can interfere with your ability to urinate normally as well as to have normal sex.

It is in fact necessary to understand prostate anatomy because only then will you be able to understand why you are having problems with your ejaculation. In fact, the prostate gland, an essential part of prostate anatomy, is situated beneath the bladder and is wrapped around your urethra and it serves the function of adding certain specific fluids to the sperm prior to ejaculation of the sperm.

Sperm as everyone knows is produced in your testicles from where it moves to your epididymis and there it will mature after which it moves into a pair of small and muscular tubes that are known as vas deferens that are located around your bladder and to what are know as seminal vesicles. By understanding prostate anatomy you can also learn how, when you ejaculate, these seminal vesicles as well as the prostate glands need to contract in order to expel the contents into the urethra, and more particularly its prostate parts after which it goes out from the tip of your penis.

Besides understanding prostate anatomy and its functions, it is also necessary to learn about what main problems affect the prostate gland. Another important issue related to prostate anatomy and prostate cancer is knows the proper prostate cancer cure, which in most cases means undergoing surgery or having hormonal therapy. In fact, prostate cancer is the second most serious form of cancer in males in the developed world and thus needs to be addressed on a war footing.

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