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Different Types of Prostatectomy and What to Know

Even though there is a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and the lowered risk of prostate cancer in men over fifty, it’s still possible for a man to develop prostate cancer because of genetics or uncontrollable factors in lifestyle. Even if a man get checked regularly by a physician to be sure that the prostate is in good working health, prostate cancer grows slowly, so it’s hard to catch it even with the most advanced methods. This is when a prostatectomy is needed. A prostatectomy is one of the most common methods of stopping the further progress of prostate cancer. There are several methods of a prostatectomy.

A prostatectomy is either a whole or partial removal of the prostate gland when cancerous tissue grows and radiotherapy or chemotherapy is failing to deliver results. It’s necessary to get a prostatectomy to simply cut the infected tissue free and make certain no more spreading of the cancer can occur. A prostatectomy can only work if the cancer hasn’t spread beyond the prostate, and even then, there is still risk of surrounding tissue and nerve damage. A prostatectomy has to be done early on, before the cancer spreads. However, there are side effects of this procedure, namely impotence and incontinence. This occurs because the prostate gland controls ejaculation and urination, The prostate gland is responsible for producing semen.

Prostate Removal Methods

The prostatectomy methods are either a radical abdominal prostatectomy, during which the prostate is removed through an incision of the abdomen, or a perennial prostatectomy, during which the prostate is removed through an incision in the perineum. Depending on existing medical complications and health, either procedure can be done. Most often, the abdominal method is done.

Another method is known as the prostate bypass surgery, which is used when the prostate is enlarged and blocking part of the urethra. The section blocking the urethra is cut away for it to heal normally and allow the urethra to resume its normal function.

The prostate gland is an important to the proper functioning of the male reproductive system, and there are methods to keep the prostate healthy be healthy lifestyle and diet. If it’s still cancerous despite the best efforts to keep healthy, a prostatectomy is one of the most effective ways to ensure the prevention of cancerous growth in the prostate. Regular checkups are also highly necessary and wise to do at least once a year.

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