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Enlarged Prostate Symptoms to Watch Out For

An enlarged prostate is a common problem in older men, as the prostate seems to undergo a major growth spurt about the same time a man is experiencing his midlife crisis. For some men, the increase in prostate size does not create any problems in terms of troubling side effects. For other men however, enlarged prostate symptoms can become severe enough for them to seek treatment that will bring much needed relief. If you experience enlarged prostate symptoms, it is always a good idea to see your doctor to rule out a more serious cause for the symptoms. To ensure that you are keeping up with your prostate health, it is important to know which symptoms to look for.

Difficulty Urinating

One of the most common enlarged prostate symptoms is difficulty urinating due to a weak or sporadic urine stream. Some men find that they have a hard time starting urination and once they do, the stream is weaker. There may be some dribbling at the end of the urination process and that the urine stream tends to stop and start up again. Because of the weaker urine stream, it becomes much more difficult to empty the bladder completely, which can result in a urinary tract infection.

Any of these enlarged prostate symptoms should be checked by a doctor to rule out more serious problems like prostate cancer or bladder stones. If no other issue is found, a patient and doctor can determine whether treatment is necessary for these enlarged prostate symptoms.

Frequent Urination

Other common enlarged prostate symptoms involve a more frequent need to urinate. Men may find that they are getting up one or more times a night to use the bathroom. They may also have difficulty getting through a meeting or a plane ride without the need to take a bathroom break. Some men also experience a sudden urge to urinate, making it necessary to scout out bathrooms when they are out and about.

In some cases, these enlarged prostate symptoms will not become bothersome enough to warrant treatment. However, men who are getting up multiple times a night or who find themselves making pit stops on the commute to work may want to talk to their doctor about treatment options available.

If you are experiencing any of the above enlarged prostate symptoms, it is important to make an appointment with your doctor. While an enlarge prostate by itself is not necessarily a cause for alarm, the enlarged prostate symptoms may also signify a more serious medical problem. Once your doctor has ruled out other causes for your enlarged prostate symptoms, the two of you can work together to find the most effective enlarged prostate treatment options to keep symptoms in check and help you enjoy a higher quality of life.

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