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Methods of Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

Although cancer and surgery are the two most commonly used methods of prostate cancer treatment, there are several other methods that are more exotic, and are considered to be advanced prostate cancer treatment. These methods are used in the various stages of prostate cancer, and have varying levels of effectiveness depending on the patient’s medical history, complications and responsiveness to previous methods of advanced prostate cancer treatment. Some advanced prostate cancer treatments are hormone therapy, cryotherapy and advanced ultrasound.

Hormonal therapy is the first method of advanced prostate cancer treatment. Its purposes it to prevent the cancer cells from getting dihydrogen testosterone, which is the hormone prostate cancer cells need to grow and metastasize. However, this is not a method used to actually cure prostate cancer. Instead, it’s used on cases where the cancer has spread to other organs, so they can be kept from becoming more infected. This advanced prostate cancer treatment is also given in conjunction with radiation therapy to keep the cancer from returning if possible.

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One of the other options of prostate cancer treatment is cryosurgery. Cryosurgery is the application of cold temperatures to the infected tissue, thus freezing the water in the infected cells and killing them. Cryosurgery as an advanced prostate cancer treatment is done by inserting hollow metal rods through the perineum into the prostate, and then supercooled argon gas is pumped through the rods. The gas cools the cells to -320 degrees Fahrenheit. The urethra is protected by a current of warm water flowing through a catheter. The main problem with this treatment is impotence because of the freezing of the prostate. However, cryosurgery carries much less of a chance of reoccurring cancer than do other types of treatment, such as radiation surgery.

Another method of advanced prostate cancer treatment is ultrasound. This is when sound waves are directed at the cancerous cells, thus heating them up and destroying them. Sound waves don’t normally do this, but they do if focused on a small point like the beams of the sun through a magnifying glass. Ultrasound therapy has very little risk of recurrence or side effects as compared to other methods.

These methods of advanced prostate cancer treatment are other options than the standard surgery and radiotherapy, and have different levels of success. Generally, it seems that ultrasound therapy is the most effective in terms of preventing a return of the cancerous tissue.

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