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Promoting Male Health: Free Prostate Exam

Since many men are hesitant to do a prostate exam, there are organizations that are trying to promote these exams so that male health will be increased. In some cases, they will promote home prostate exams, which usually are a kit that allows the individual to test his own blood for the enzyme levels that can indicate cancer or other prostate issues.

In other cases, there will be free prostate exams offered in certain clinics so that the individual can be checked at no cost to himself. Now there are even vans or motor homes that will travel around to various businesses to offer free prostate exams to those workers that would like to schedule and get one. In this way, it allows the ‘group mentality’ to take effect and the men seem to be more likely to get the exam than if they have to schedule an exam through their physician.

Getting Tested

In these drive up free prostate exam clinics, the men are not required to have insurance to get tested. In addition, there is usually little waiting when going to these drive up free prostate exam clinics, plus they are convenient, coming to large office buildings. The man will be required to fill out basic health information and then will be required to have a blood test and physical exam. By filling out the information, the results of the blood test will be sent to the man’s home to notify him if there are any further issues that need to be checked out.

The physical part of the free prostate exam is where the doctor will use his finger to feel for any abnormalities with the man’s prostate through the walls of the rectum. This part of the free prostate exam usually only takes about fifteen seconds, which makes it as ‘painless’ as possible.

The doctor will fill out a form that shows his findings and will do a brief consult with the patient before sending him on his way. The entire process can take as little as fifteen minutes, which is plenty of time to do it during a lunch break or a quick break during the work day. These free prostate exam clinics are helping to save lives around the nation, as they help to promote these precautionary exams to men, and make the service more available to them. Catching prostate problems as soon as possible is critical, and these free prostate exams help to make that possible.

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