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Prostate Biopsy Complications: What Complications?

The good news for anyone that is thinking about undergoing prostate biopsy is that there are few if any prostate biopsy complications to be worried about. Of course, as with any other kind of procedure, prostate biopsy too is not absolutely foolproof and so there are bound to be some prostate biopsy complications to contend with.

Bleeding Is A Problem

Typically, among the more common prostate biopsy complications you should expect that after prostate biopsy that you will notice some small quantities of blood showing up in your urine and in the semen as well as in your stool. Another one of the prostate biopsy complications that is often reported is that patients will feel a dull kind of ache in the perineum.

Fortunately, these are only minor prostate biopsy complications that will not give you occasion to worry too much about and furthermore, these complications will generally disappear on their own in about a week or two following the prostate biopsy. To ensure that nothing serious does occur you should try and refrain from having sexual intercourse for three to five days following the biopsy.

The only real serious prostate biopsy complications that need to be addressed without any unnecessary delay are when blood clots develop or you are unable to urinate. In such cases, you will need to get your condition checked by a doctor.

Prostate biopsy that involves insertion of a needle is generally considered a low risk procedure and so the risk of prostate biopsy complications is also quite low. Whatever complications that do occur include presence of bleeding in the patient’s urethra and possible development of infections and of course, not being able to urinate is a complication that can and does affect some patients.

The good news is that these and any other prostate biopsy complications are reversible with proper treatment and in fact, any well qualified doctor, when told about these complications, will be able to treat the condition and rectify the situation without much fuss or bother.

In case the urethra swells up it can lead to difficulties in urinating and for this there are simple remedies available that will ensure that such prostate biopsy complications do not cause you too much discomfort. What’s more, when the gold standard of diagnosing prostate cancer, needle aspiration prostate biopsy is used, it helps in reducing whatever little prostate biopsy risks are associated with prostate biopsy. Many thousands and thousands of prostate biopsies are being performed each year though hardly any instance has been reported of prostate biopsy being anything but safe. So there is hardly anything to worry on this account.

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