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Prostate Biopsy Recovery: Quick And Painless

Prostate biopsy that is generally believed to be a risk-free procedure is also not too complicated either. This means that prostate biopsy recovery is generally quite quick and there is also hardly any pain experienced by the patient. The only reason to be worried is when infections develop which will help prolong the prostate biopsy recovery time though fortunately in most cases the infection can easily be controlled and treated through use of antibiotics.

Anesthesia Type

Prostate biopsy recovery really depends on a number of simple factors including the anesthesia type that has been used. In most cases, patients are given general anesthesia and in such case the prostate biopsy recovery involves just having to spend a short time in the recovery room where the patient is put under observation.

In case your blood pressure and pulse as well as breathing remain stable there is no reason to prolong prostate biopsy recovery and so you can expect to be discharged without any further delay and be sent home.

However, in case you were given local anesthesia you will then not even have to undergo any prolonged prostate biopsy recovery because you will be allowed to resume your daily routine and diet without any delays. The only problem when you were given this kind of anesthesia is that it can lead to feeling the need to urinate frequently and to also experience excessive bowel movements following the biopsy. However, these discomforts will generally pass off after a few hours and so will not prolong recovery time.

Patients undergoing prostate biopsy recovery in their homes should not be surprised if, after a few days following biopsy, they notice blood in the stool, urine and semen. In fact, this is commonly experienced by patients and not a reason to worry too much. In addition, the site of the biopsy can and will often feel tender or even sore though these feelings will last for a few days. To get relief you can take pain relievers – though only on the recommendation of your doctor.

Another aspect to prostate biopsy recovery is that in case you notice excessive blood in your stool or urine; or you experience difficulties in urinating; or you feel a chill or experience fever; you need to get a doctor to look at your condition to prescribe suitable treatment following correct diagnosis.

One might ask what prostate is. It is a sex gland found in men that is of the size of a walnut and is found surrounding the neck of their bladder as well as urethra. This gland is muscular and is part glandular and contains three lobes and it is responsible for secretion of alkalinish fluids that form part of the semen.

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