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Prostate Biopsy Risks: Spreading Of Cancerous Cells

Prostate biopsy, especially any of the procedures that involve insertion of needles is generally believed to be very safe and does not present much danger of complications and there are few if any risks associated with it. In fact, each year thousands and thousands of prostate biopsies are performed and none of these biopsies have given any reason to be worried which makes one conclude that there are few if any prostate biopsy risks worrying about. However, certain prostate biopsy risks will prevail and so it cannot be concluded that prostate biopsy is absolutely safe.

Not A Major Cause For Concern

Prostate biopsy risks are always present though are not a major cause for concern. One such prostate biopsy risk is that some of the cancerous cells might be able to break free from the tumor and so can cause the disease to spread in the immediate vicinity of the tumor area and this spreading, in medical terminology, is known as seeding, and is quite worrisome.

It is not that the subject of prostate biopsy risks has not been debated extensively because the fact of the matter is that since the forties there has been a veritable raging debate about prostate biopsy risks. In those early years, and more specifically, in the year 1940, there were even warnings being given regarding prostate biopsy risks and many people even went to the extent of asking people not to undergo prostate biopsies because it could cause the cancer to spread.

Even during those early years, the main prostate biopsy risk was that prostate biopsy could lead to spread of cases of cancer. It is therefore necessary to understand just how much truth there is to such warnings and how in fact does prostate biopsy lead to spreading of cancer.

When the biopsy is performed the tumor is punctured a few times in order to extract tissue samples. The prostate biopsy risks therefore arise when the tumor is penetrated repeatedly during which time the cancer cells might succeed in spreading into the different tracks that were formed each time the needle was inserted.

This is the main prostate biopsy risk and typically the insertion of needles that was once thought to be absolutely risk-free can in fact lead to spreading of cancerous cells into the patient’s bloodstream as well as lymphatic system.

Prostate biopsy recovery however is fortunately both quick as well as pain-free. The only time when a patient feels pain is when there is irritation in the urethra which is generally quite mild and is generally attributed to the incision that has been made when performing the biopsy. Other than that, the patient needs to watch out for risks such as infections that can easily be treated with use of antibiotics.

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