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Prostate Biopsy Side Effects Are Mostly Minor And Quite Insignificant

One of the problems that are commonly associated with getting prostate biopsy done is the minor amount of pain that one feels during the procedure though fortunately this is not as severe as you might expect. The reason why prostate biopsy procedure does not hurt so much is because the prostate is not very sensitive and so the feelings of pain are not exaggerated. If you are still worried about this prostate biopsy side effect then you can easily solve the problem through application of lidocaine gel that is a pain reliever that can make you feel more comfortable.

Blood In The Urine

Another common prostate biopsy side effect is noticing small quantities of blood in your urine and in your stool as well as in semen. This prostate biopsy side effect of course only lasts for a few days following the prostate biopsy and is something that you should expect and not get too worried about. According to research on this kind of prostate biopsy side effects, it has been established that not even one percent of people that have had prostate biopsy will report severe amount of bleeding or even infections in their prostate or in their urinary tract.

The general medical opinion in regard to prostate biopsy side effects is that there is generally little reason to be concerned about on this score and in particular there are few if any physical prostate biopsy side effects. In a few instances men can suffer from anxiety and even depression on account of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. In such cases it is necessary to get specialist doctors to look at your condition.

The bottom line is that provided the prostate biopsy was performed correctly there is little reason to worry on account of prostate biopsy side effects. Nevertheless, the milder prostate biopsy side effects that you might notice include low amount of pain and discomfort; bleeding that occurs during urination and ejaculation; bleeding in the rectum for few short days following the biopsy.

There are fortunately no serious prostate biopsy side effects to worry about and often anything more severe occurs more in the mind than in the body. The most frequently noticed prostate biopsy complication is noticing presence of blood in the patient’s urine and also in their stool which will show up for a few days. In some cases there may also be presence of blood in the patient’s semen for a few weeks following the procedure. In a few instances infections too might develop.

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