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There Are Some Potential Prostate Biopsy Problems

There are various tests that can be done with the aim of diagnosing and preventing prostate problems. One of these tests is the prostate biopsy. With this test a very small portion of the prostate gland is removed. This section of prostate gland is then analyzed in a laboratory in order to determine whether any cancerous cells are present. The prostate biopsy test has successfully detected cancer in the early stages and consequently saved the lives of many men. However, that does not mean that there are no potential prostate biopsy problems.

What It Entails

Prostate biopsies are generally carried out under local or general anesthetic. During a prostate biopsy a surgeon takes tissue samples from the prostate gland. These tissues are then examined under a microscope for cell differentiation. If there are cells that appear different from normal prostate cells then the patient is diagnosed with cancer. Abnormal cells with high differentiation are indicative of a more advanced and aggressive stage of cancer. If there are no abnormal cells present the patient is considered cancer free and a second biopsy is arranged six months into the future to confirm it.

Potential Complications

Potential prostate biopsy problems include possible complications. For instance there is a small risk of the prostate gland becoming infected but this can be avoided by taking a course of antibiotics before the surgery. If the patient has taken anti-inflammatory medication before the surgery then this can cause increased bleeding. There are also risks associated with the use of general anesthetic.

Prostate biopsy problems can also occur if the patient actually does have cancerous cells. There is a risk that cancerous cells will be released into the bloodstream. When an individual has a cancerous tumor his immune system is obviously unable to fight cancer cells. That means that a cancer that was contained now has the potential to spread to other areas of the body.

Not Always Successful

The most significant of all prostate biopsy problems is that the procedure does not always detect the presence of cancerous cells, especially if the tumor is only small. The patient will not receive another biopsy for another six months. In that time the cancer could have reached a more aggressive stage and that might mean it is harder to treat successfully. Although this is the most serious of all prostate biopsy problems it does not happen often because the surgeon takes tissue samples from numerous parts of the prostate gland.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Although there are some potential prostate biopsy problems it would be a mistake to let that deter you from undergoing the procedure. All medical procedures carry some risks but that doesn’t mean that they do not save lives. However it is important to know about potential prostate biopsy problems if your doctor orders one for you or someone you love is having one done. We all have the right to know about the advantages and disadvantages of medicines we use and medical procedures that are carried out on us.

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