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What Prostate Health Foods To Eat

BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer are a lot more common when a man hits the mid forties. What is difficult though is the fact that these diseases have similar symptoms which makes it hard to know which specific type of prostate problem it is. The symptoms can cause erectile dysfunction as well as pain and discomfort in urinating and ejaculation.

Today, there has been a growing number of research and development for the diagnosis, treatment and supplements for prostate problems. However it is best not to wait until the last minute and to undergo necessary lifestyle adjustments early on in life that will not only improve prostate health but overall wellbeing as well.

Apart from leading a more physically active lifestyle, making dietary adjustments that cut out saturated fat and sugars, incorporating prostate health foods into meals is highly suggested. Again, it is best to make these adjustments early on in life as a preventive measure rather than needing to support cures.

Prostate health foods contain vitamins and minerals that deliver specific nutrition to the prostate gland. Among these nutrients are Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin D. There are also supplements now readily available that help prostate health that incorporate other helpful ingredients like Beta-Sitosterol, Lycopene, Alpha-blockers, and Saw Palmetto into the mix.

If you are one who prefers more natural remedies, studies show that herbs like saw palmetto, red clover, garlic, ginger, oregano, rosemary, and lycopene are all considered good prostate health foods that can help prevent BPH or the enlargement of the prostate, and prostate cancer as they assist in positive hormone balance, help good circulation, provide antioxidant support, inhibit inflammation within the prostate, and support healthy immune functions.

Although not definitive, eating foods rich in omega 3, scallions, and tomatoes and drinking moderate amounts of wine and green tea also decreases cancer risk.There are also prostate health foods that promote virility and help treat impotence. Look for food and supplements that contain gingko boilboa, gotu kola, muira puama, tribilus, and l-arginine.

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